Re: Vius was: [xslt] Re: Thank you!

> On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 11:07:31PM +1000, wrote:
> > Please see the attached file for details.
>   This is obviously a virus, this one managed to go through the filters.
> Please to not reply, do not open, trash it. The stupid Winblows/Outlook
> crap combination made me lost quite a lot of time over this. I had to
> cancel manually thousands of bounces from the mailing list in the last
> 20 hours :-(
>   I'm seriously considering trashing any OutLook incoming mail from my
> mailboxes in the future, because that's not the first time and enough
> is enough !
> Daniel

That won't infect you on Linux, so you're safe anyway :-)

This worm (Sobig.F) spreads using its own SMTP engine. Probably the worm is
faking the User-Agent: SMTP header, if that's where you saw Outlook. If the
infected mail was really sent using Outlook, or any other MUA, the the
sender had the intention to send the worm.

With a halfway properly set system, an email attachment won't open without
user intervention and executing a worm will infect you without regard to how
you got it. The sad fact remains: If I send an email with an executable
attachment called LOVEME, for example, to any 100 employees of any company,
at least one will open it for certain. This will work wether those people
use Windows, Linux, or whatever. Really, it's not the software, it's the


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