Re: [xslt] entity substitution... broken?

On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 07:18:29AM -0400, Michael Rothwell wrote:
> Actually, I wasn't expecting the HTML serializer to have access to 
> entities defined in the template, only for the template to have access 
> to the entities defined in the template. Turns out, this fixed my 

  Okay I'm confused again by "entities defined in the template".
Or did you mean "entities defined in the stylesheet" ?

> problem:
> ctxt->replaceEntities = 1;
> The earlier versions of the libraries didn't require this.

  Assuming I understand the problem it would mean that when you parsed the
stylesheet, entity substitution wasn't activated, leading to a problem
because you define entities in the stylesheet, use them in templates and
don't see them in the output.
  I don't remember changing any entities substitution policy, it has always
been that by default libxml2 XML parser does not substitute entities, so 
you need to activate the substitution, either by default or individually
at the parser context level for stylesheet and document to be transformed
by XSLT too.
  Without knowing more about the environment, it's hard for me to guess
how and why things changed,


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