Re: [xslt] xsl:key bug in libxslt 1.0.31

On Sun, August 17, 2003 16:49 HKT Ian Young wrote:
> Firstly, apologies but I haven't been able to test this with libxslt
> 1.0.32 as I'm on Windows. However, I couldn't see anything relevant
> in the
> ChangeLog.
> If there are multiple <xsl:key> elements with the same name
> attribute
> value, only nodes matched by the first appear to be found when key()
> is
> used.

I confirmed there was a problem with this, and made a small change
to the library to correct it.  The corrected source is in CVS, and
the test case you provided works correctly.  I'm sorry I can't help
to provide an updated Windows version.  If it is relatively urgent
for you, perhaps some other list member could assist, otherwise it
will be corrected in the next release.


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