[xslt] Problems with non-wellformed output

Hi there!

I am adapting libxslt for pike (http://pike.ida.liu.se/).
My Problem is that I dont get well-formed output for tags
like <meta />. After the transformation I get <meta> without
the closing tag.

Unfortunately I was unable to create a test with the same behaviour *g*
My code looks like this:

    doc = xmlParseMemory(THIS->xml->str, THIS->xml->len);
    res = xsltApplyStylesheet(cur, doc, vars);
    xsltSaveResultToFile(stdout, res, cur);
    xmlBuf = xmlAllocOutputBuffer(
    xsltSaveResultTo( xmlBuf, res, cur );

The Stylesheet is also created with xmlParseMemory() and 
The Stylesheet itself has output method set to html (also checked xml).
My libxslt version seems to be allright since I generated a small test
script which works fine ( so does xsltproc ).

Any ideas what could be wrong here ? I just dont see a difference in my
programs ( the real one is a pike c module and uses some pike internals).

Thanx in advance,


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