Re: [xslt] Troubles with the EXSLT date extensions

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 02:25:51PM +0200, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
> Hi there,
> > seems some people are using them and are hitting a few bugs:
> >
> >
> The one thing I believe is wrong is the reversed substraction.
> says, that in
>   d = date:difference(x, y):
>     d is positive if x < y (means if x occurs before y),
>     d is negative if x > y.
> Folowing this, the basic guide would be to compute the difference as
>   d = y - x
> The relevant function inn libexslt computes it as
>   d = x - y
> which results in the wrong sign. Can it be, that I am right there? :-)

  heh :-)

> That should however produce the wrong result dw, which is nothing else than
>   dw = d * -1
> but it should not produce anything different to that, which it does for
> certain combinations of x and y.
> I'll now check where the wrong numbers, that is those which differ from the
> correct result by more than d * -1, come from. I suspect the problem to be
> some odd double->long conversion, or similar.

  Okay, you're in control, feel free to commit of course !


P.S.: BTW what is the resolution on the WinCE patch of libxml2 ?

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