[xslt] New security features and Windows

Hi there,

I have commited few things to make the newly introduced security features in
libxslt work:

1. Modified win32/Makefile.msvc to take the new file security.c into
2. Modified win32/libxslt.def.src to export the new functions from
3. Modified libxslt/win32config.h to remap mkdir to _mkdir.

About 3: MS runtime has '_mkdir' function and if __STDC__ does not evaluate
to something true, then it has 'mkdir' as well. Both functions take only one
parameter, namely the name of the new directory. The classic UGO creation
mode has no meaning on Windows filesystems, so someone at MS saw fit to omit
the second parameter. What I did is:

  #if defined(_MSC_VER)
  #define mkdir(p,m) (_mkdir(p))

Since macros have precedence over functions, this will work in all cases.


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