Re: [xslt] profiling info to memory buffer

Bug #99527


Daniel Veillard wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 11:18:34AM -0500, Michael Rothwell wrote:
>>Daniel Veillard wrote:
>>>  Hum, I'm unlikely to change it. But providing a patch which gives 
>>>a cleaner API would be best for long term stability of your code :-)
>>How about something like the function below? It returns this type of 
>>document (for my sample input):
>><?xml version="1.0"?>
>><template rank="1" match="*" name=""
>>	mode="" calls="6" time="48" average="8"/>
>><template rank="2" match="item2|item3" name=""
>>	mode="" calls="10" time="30" average="3"/>
>><template rank="3" match="item1" name=""
>>	mode="" calls="5" time="17" average="3"/>
>   Hum, using XML as the interface is a really good idea, would you mind
> adding an Request For Enhancement in Bugzilla so I don't forget to add
> it ?
>   thanks,
> Daniel

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