[xslt] xsltproc -profile output in XML format

Hi all

I try to make a visualization tool that is able to
convert XSLT as a SVG graphic to generate 
images for the documentation of a big project i did,
using libxslt.

It would be nice to display the xsl-transformation
time consumption of the templates using the --profile
output of xsltproc.

Unfortunately the --profile output is in plain text an
I can't use this without extensive text parsing if I
want to make my visualization tool using xslt.

I'm not a C programmer at all. 
This idea just came when I was working on the
visualisition tool.

Maybe somebody thinks it's easy to do and can
implement this.

xsltproc --profile_xml_output profile.xml -o theoutput
stylesheet.xslt data.xml

Anyway, hopefully you will see my visualization at
sourceforge in a few weeks.

Bernhard Zwischenbrugger


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