Re: [xslt] xsl:include thing

On Tue, May 14, 2002 at 07:32:53PM +0200, Igor Zlatkovic wrote:
> Hello there.
> Here is the patch which removes the crash caused by an invalid file
> referenced in xsl:include element.
> What happened is the following:
> * xsltParseStylesheetProcess: Modified not to free the stylesheet which it
> receives as a parameter.
> * xsltParseStylesheetDoc: Modified to free the stylesheet it now carries the
> responsibility for
> * xsltParseStylesheetInclude: Added an int return value to indicate failure.
> * xsltParseStylesheetImport: Added an int return value to indicate failure,
> fixed memory leak incase of error
> * xsltParseStylesheetTop: Added check for these return values and indicated
> an errorneous XSL document accordingly.

  looks fine to me,

> The damn diff obviously also contains few differences which have nothing to
> do with the code. My xemacs has a different indenting scheme and a different
> tab size than what Daniel used to make this file. I am still not that
> familiar with the tool to be able to teach it new identing :-) I am
> learning.

  I use VI , more precisely vim with a tab setting set to 8

> Apart from that, if the patch is okay for everyone, I shall apply it.


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