[xslt] Release of libxslt-1.0.15

 Another release is available:

This is a bugfix and performance improvement release:
  - fixes: XPath, python Makefile, recursive attribute sets, @foo[..] templates
  - Debug of memory allocation with valgind
  - serious profiling leading to significant improvement for DocBook processing
  - revamp of the Windows build

I would be interested in performance reports against MSXML4 if someone have
time to do some. Someone in the DocBook-Apps list explained that 1.0.10 
was 50% slower than MSXML for DocBook processing. I'm confident that the
improvement made since [*] should allow at least a tie, but well I can't
tell :-). Also since Igor now has direct CVS commit access Windows and
normal release should be more in sync in the future.


[*] upgrade libxml2 too, a large chunk of the speedup comes from it.

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