RE: [xslt] Seg fault handling multiple transformations with XML::LibXSLT

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> Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 3:42 PM
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> Subject: Re: [xslt] Seg fault handling multiple 
> transformations with XML::LibXSLT
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> At 05:22 AM 3/4/02, I wrote:
> >I'll try to get an upgrade in place; if anyone has any 
> suggestions, or 
> >an already-built Cygwin binary, it would be much appreciated.
> Robert's new builds for Cygwin are up, and the problem is 
> gone.  Thanks.
> I wasn't able to use his patches for the new versions; there 
> are too many 
> differences, including (and especially) places where the line 
> number of the 
> build script is mentioned.  It would be cool if we could get 
> those mods 
> integrated into the main build.

Many of the differences are due to my having a different automake than
Daniel. That's not going to change unfortunately.

However, I have been, and will continue sending all the appropriate
patches back to Daniel for the mainline. My patch kit is now
substantially smaller than it orginally was.

Note: when applying patchs cross-version, remove the following files
from both the patch, and the source tree:
configure (all instances)

There may be a couple more, not sure. 

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