RE: [xslt] small fix needed for win32

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> From: Vakoc, Mark [] 
> Sent: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 4:16 AM
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> Subject: [xslt] small fix needed for win32
> The utitlites in libxml2 (xmllint, test*) and libxslt 
> (xsltproc) won't build on win32 straight out of the box due 
> to linking errors of unresolved items.
> In libxml.h, which is included by the libxml utilities 
> contains the line #define IN_LIBXML 
> This should only be defined when building libxml2, not the 
> utilites that link against it.

Correct, and Daniel indicated that this file should not be included by
the utilities.... see

And yes, defining this only as a preprocessor will break Cygwin builds.
As I understand it, it should not have broken MSVC builds though.


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