[xslt] Creating directories


I would like to create a directory structure based on an XML 
tree. I searched the mailing list archive and had a look around 
the net but found nothing. I guess it's not possible to do this 
with XSLT at this point. I wondered if anyone here had tried a 
similar thing and had any best practice advice.

I am trying to develop a DTD and stylesheet that allows a user 
to markup the structure and content of a simple brochureware web 
site in the XML and then invoke the stylesheet to build the 
actual site.

So the following XML:

	<page name="index">
	<section name="content">
		<page name="index">
		<page name="page2">

Would produce three output HTML files:


The best solution I can come up with at the moment is to have a 
pre-transformation phase that creates the directories, using 
Perl or Python or something.


Ben Godfrey

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