[xslt] segmentation fault in libxslt

After updating my existing version (1.0.11) to the latest version of libxslt
(1.0.18) I quite often get problems (-> segmentation fault) when
transforming documents from xml to html. It works really fine with version
1.0.11 but doesnt't with versions 1.0.12+.

To get a closer look at the problem I modified some existing documents and
stylesheets. I think that the problem depends on the number of templates.
When I reduced the number of templates the transformation works without any
problems. But it crashed when increasing the number of templates.

To give you an idea I attached an example (-> 'test.xml'). The file
'hz_lists2html.xsl' contains some templates for the element 'le'. The
original version won't work. But it does when you remove some of the

It would be very kind of you, if you could help me. Please ask me if you
have any questions!

Thank you very much!!!

Gero Meissner

Heinze GmbH
Geschaeftsstelle Ost
Paradiesstraße 206B
12526 Berlin

Tel: +49 (030) 67 97 09 24
Fax: +49 (030) 67 97 09 34
email: gero.meissner@heinze.de


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