RE: [xslt] python bindings on windows?

Hi there,

I tried to do that few weeks ago and I failed. Pity, the language seems
to be a nice one, but I neither know nor use it. Unless that changes, I
need either the time or the reason to try again and I have neither...
All I have is this thick coffee... And this lousy t-shirt :-)


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> Sent: 13 June 2002 18:48
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> Subject: [xslt] python bindings on windows?
> Has anyone managed to get Python bindings to libxml2/libxslt 
> working on 
> Windows?  
> If so, how'd you go about doing it?  
> I looked around for instructions and/or prebuilt binaries, 
> but haven't 
> found anything.
> Much thanks!
> Sam Brauer
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