Re: [xslt] Status of python extensions?


Daniel Veillard wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 10, 2002 at 04:30:22PM -0400, Norman Walsh wrote:
>>What's the status of python extensions in xsltproc? Can I consume and
>>produce new result tree fragments yet?
>   yes,
> on input, the nodesets are received as an array of python libxml2.xmlCore
> class instances (well that's what I expect to happen).
> on output the main problem is if you generate new nodes to find a way to
> deallocate them. Since you have a gnome-xml checkout, look at 
>     python/tests/
> basically the new nodes created in the foo() extension function
> are kept in a new document, which in turn is freed at the end of the
> processing.

Thanks for the pointer which gave me the missing pieces for my HTML 
problem :-)

I have a couple of related questions...

1) What is the link between the libxml2-python and the python bindings 
available under libxml2 and libxslt? They seem to be close if not 

2) How do you register EXSLT extensions in python? I have seen in a 
comment of that:

# TODO libxslt.exsltRegisterAll();

However, a naive:

libxslt.registerExtModuleFunction("node-set", "";, 

gives a run time error. What's the correct way to register these functions?



> Daniel
> P.S.: seen your mail on Py-XML SIG but decided to stay quiet ;-)

See you in San Diego.
Eric van der Vlist   

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