RE: [xslt] RFC: user changeable initial context

>  Hum, this was looking good at a first glance, but it broke at least
> 3 regression tests in the suite:
>    REC/test-12.2-1
>    REC/test-12.2-2
>and general/bug-70

>  Could you or someone have a look at this so one can find why and 
>fix the patch ?

Hmmm..  Seems to mess up anything that uses xsl:key.  I've been digging
around but haven't yet found a fix.  Is there a built-in template match on
an XML_DOCUMENT_NODE that is assummed to always run in a transformation?
i.e a default template that does work such as actually evaluating the keys
that is being skipped by my patch?  I couldn't find such a beast but I've
never gotten this deep into libxslt before.

I will dig around some more tomorrow as I would really like the
functionality.  Any pointers on how keys are used during the transform?



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