Re: [xslt] Need info for a book about XSLT extensions

Thomas Broyer wrote:

> I'll soon write a book (in french) dealing with XSLT extensions.

Magnifique!  (Excuse my French ;-)

> I need some info:
>  - have you developped extensions that are not part of LibXSLT and are
> freely distributable (and you want them to be discussed in the book)?
>  - about bindings: are there some bindings to write extensions in other
> languages (e.g. you use the Python binding, can you write extensions in
> Python and use them with the LibXSLT binding?)

I've written a Tcl wrapper for libxml2/libxslt that allows the 

application to invoke an XSL transformation, as well as implementing 

XSLT extension elements and functions in Tcl.  That is, you can

both call into and out of XSLT from/to Tcl. has a little information,

and as I continue developing the extension I'll be adding more
doco on the website.

Contact me for further details,
Steve Ball

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