Re: [xslt] Would people be interested in a list dedicated to bindings

Le 2002-01-31 10:01, Daniel Veillard a écrit :
>     - libxml2 is getting into API freeze, and seems to have
>       an increasing user-base
>     - a number of effort are done to provide libxml2/libxslt
>       access from different languages
>     - there isn't much synchronization, and most of people are
>       probably facing the same troubles like for example handling
>       namespace parent properties when trying to provide DOM
>       interfaces.
>   At that point I think a centralized archived list for all binding
> related issues could help a lot porting to new environments and 
> try to keep interfaces similar (the obvious goal being to simplify
> maintainance, and alow people to switch language without having the
> feeling they need to learn the library again). I also think that
> most binding are likely to face the same troubles especially w.r.t
> allocation policy and when using advanced tree handling routines.

It would also probably help anyone who would code the exsl:script extension
element (I'd have liked doing it but I miss knowledge in language bindings)

>   So basically this mail is a poll, if you would be interested in
> subscribing in such a mailing list, then
> send me a private mail. If I collect more than 10 answers I will
> ask for the creation of this mailing-list and announce it.

+1 from me

Last, but not least: I now live with my girl friend and we haven't Internet
at home yet, so I can't currently maintain the libexslt part.


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