[xslt] `fixed point' for compiled XSLT?

Hello, xslt! How are you?

  When I parse XSLT and then perform transformation with it, XSLT may
  changed in memory. Is it possible to ``compile'' parsed XSLT, that
  it will not change anymore?

  I know, here is no such API call (or I could not find it?), but is
  it possible theoretically? Maybe, XSLT changes on _every_
  application? Or it only have some parts, which are compiled `on
  demand' and it is possible to compile all these parts?

  We are writing transformation server and such `fixation' of XSLT
  could give good memory economy: all `common' XSLTs could be compiled and
  fixated before server fork()s, so this memory will be shared between

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