Re: [Chef] Re: [xslt] <![CDATA[&]]>

Hi Eric ;-)

Thus spake Eric van der Vlist (

> Hi,
> On Wed, 2002-12-04 at 19:25, Julius Mittenzwei wrote:
> > Im quite unsure, what to do. Is there annother possibility to create just a plain "&" ?
> It's a feature IMO...

Uhh, the fullfilling of my worst expectations... ;)

> If, as in your example, you don't need well formed XML as an output, you
> should use the "text" output method. 
> Otherwise, what you are trying to generate isn't well formed XML. You'll
> have to fight hard with a compliant XML output method to achieve it and
> one might question why you need it :-) !

My problem is, that i mix up xmlnodes and htmlnodes. My program is a 
middleware which holds xml and xsl-nodes in the cache. for every request is mix several nodes with 

  xmlDocPtr data;
  xsltStylesheetPtr tmpXSLPtr = NULL;
  xmlDocPtr result = NULL;
  result = xsltApplyStylesheet(tmpXSLPtr, data, NULL);

to one xml-node and output it to my apache-frontends with: 

  htmlDocDumpMemory(result,&buff,&buffsize); and some socket-operations

as far as i know, "&"  is allowed in the HTML eg:  <A HREF="/foo?bla=fasl&fasl=bla">foo</A>

> If you can accept to have your plain "&" output in a CDTATA section, you
> can use a cdata-section-elements attribute in your xsl:stylesheet
> element.

I dont have an idea, what you mean... sorry.

Best Regards
/Julius Mittenzwei

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