Re: [xslt] RE:ISO-8859-1 problem writes:
> Yes in my XSL file I use
> <xsl:ouput encoding="ISO-8859-1" type="html"/>
> Bad trasformed means that     are trasformed with strange characters. 
What characters?
è ò à ù ?
That would be     in utf8 (if one reads the utf8 as latin1).

> My system is red Hat 8.0 with perl 5.8.0.
I this case I suspect that perl encodes the string as utf8 and your latin1
declaration is wrong.
Sorry, I don't know much about perl 5.8 but AFAIK unicode support has been
enhanced and there are some problems with that.
If I was you, I would read about unicode, strings and perl 5.8.

> I use the last XML::LibXML and XML::LibXSLT. All latin1 characters are bad trasformed. Is it possible to indicate the encoding in the parsing of a string?

AFAIK no. And if my suspicion is right, it would not help anyway.


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