Re: [xslt] dilemma

On Sun, Apr 28, 2002 at 01:58:03PM -0700, Dan Allen wrote:
> While writing a PHP class for PEAR, a situation arose where I had to
> make a cross-parser xsl stylesheet so that people who are using
> the sablotron extension could run the stylesheet as well as those
> using the domxml xslt functions (libxslt).  
> In my stylesheet, I use some custom functions.  Since sabltron only
> supports javascript functions, I had to write functions using the
> exslt extension for libxslt and another set for the javascript
> extension of sablotron, which worked fine...until...
> I tried to combine them.  Normally I could so something like this
> <func:script implements-prefix="my" language="javascript"><![CDATA[
> function foo() 
> {
> }
>   ]]>
>   <xsl:fallback></xsl:fallback>
> </func:script>
> <func:function name="my:foo">
>   <func:result></func:result>
>   <xsl:fallback></xsl:fallback>
> </func:function>
> Except one major problem.  The namespace for functions in sablotron
> is
> and the one for libxslt is
> Hence, if I have the first, libxslt doesn't recognize the fallback
> where it is, and if I have the second vice-versa.
> So, I am going to make a statement that could be wrong, but should
> sablotron change the namespace to not-include the 'www' or is there
> a way around this problem?

  Well it's relatively clear from

that the namespace for functions in EXSLT is "";,
you should report this as a bug in sablotron in my opinion.


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