[xslt] RFC: Obsolete files (Windows)

Hello everyone,

There are files in the source trees of both libxml and libxslt which
became obsolete over time. They were needed in the past but today they
just cause confusion.

The particular files are:
 * include/libxml/xmlwin32version.h(.in) in the libxml source tree and
 * libxslt/xsltwin32config.h(.in) in the libxslt source tree.

These files are obsoleted by their original counterparts, which are
byte-for-byte identical by the time the compiler sees them. Windows does
need a bit of special handling in this area, but the origial files
(those without the 'win32' in their names) allready handle those special

Other platforms surely won't miss these Windows-specific files. The
Windows port itself lives without them for some time now.

Now, would it break someone's heart if I would get rid of these?


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