Re: [xslt] XML Catalog search ordering

On Sun, Sep 16, 2001 at 08:22:16PM +0100, Justin Fletcher wrote:
> Hiya,
> I'm trying to learn about XML catalogs and use them in my own system in a
> manner that seems sensible. Consequently, I'm not sure if I'm reporting a
> bug or a misunderstanding; I expect the latter.
> The behaviour I'm seeing is a lack of lookup in the catalogs for public
> identifier given in the XML.
> If the public declaration is removed from the catalog, the DTD fetch
> succeeds and no warning is thrown. From my reading of the XML Catalog
> specification it seems unclear to me as to whether the URI resolved from a
> public identifier match should be passed back through for a rewrite match.
> It would seem to me that this would be sensible, but there may be something
> I'm missing.

  I'm not 100% sure I understood the problem, the XML Catalog implementation
of libxml tries to implement to the letter the algorithms from section 7.1
and 7.2 of the XML Catalog spec:
  Not that the algorithm in 7.1.2 gives priority to system identifier
processing, for example if you have a rewriteSystem entry matching the
Public Identifier won't even be examined.

 It seems that you have a problem for an external Identifier resolution.
The only possible change I have introduced in libxml default handler is that
once the External Identifier Resolution has been done, an additional
URI Resolution may be used to complete the process in the case the first
lookup returned an URL which is not accessible locally.

 Can you make sure that the libxml2 "make Catatests" tests pass correctly
on your platform ?


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