Re: [xslt] Stylesheet debugger for windows - source

On Sun, Sep 09, 2001 at 06:04:54AM +0000, wrote:
> Hi all,
> As mentioned on the home page I have run out of 
> time to post the source to the web page. As I 
> spent all my time creating the precompiled windows 
>  version. It is _hoped_ in the following weeks 
> I'll have time to post the source to my web site.
>  I have tested this precompiled version on a 
> different machine to the one it was developed 
> on and all worked well. :-)

  Hi Keith,

 Well I can't test it as is (I didn't used a Windows box since 92).
I understand that you may want to polish the code a bit before releasing it
but in my experience, it's simply quite faster to just put it out "as-is"
and get feedback on it. That's how you will get this to improve faster,
especially if you are "time constrained" :-)



P.S.: if there are some Windows specific interfaces it would be a good
      idea to try to encapsulate them on distincts modules/API so one
      can port them to other environments ... so I can try it :-)

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