Re: [xslt] Structural difference between html and xml output?

On Wed, Nov 14, 2001 at 10:04:36AM +0100, Morus Walter wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> any comment on that problem?

   Hum, each time I look at the HTMLparser/serializer I end-up with
a big headache :-\

> The effect seems to come from either the saveEndTag-Column in the 
> html40ElementTable (HTMLparser.c line 358 f), where li and p get a 1 
> instead of 0 as other non-empty element or it's usage in HTMLtree.c (lines
> 541 and 1043) where end tags are omitted, if saveEndTag != 0 for this
> element.
> So it might be easily fixed by either changing the entries in html40ElementTable
> to 0 or changing the test to `saveEndTag == 2'...

  It seems the right solution is to get <li> and <p> item saveEndTag
to 1. I'm just wondering how much other stuff this is gonna break :-\
Since in the HTML area there is no rules (or nobody respects them),
I don't see any other methodology than trial and error.
  I assume your software processes quite a bit of HTML, could you
try to set up saveEndTag to 1 for <li> and <p> and report if this break
somewhere else. Others using HTML are invited to do so too.


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