Re: [xslt] template breakpoint complexity, release of xsldbg-0.6.4

On Mon, Nov 05, 2001 at 02:14:39PM +1000, Keith Isdale wrote:
> Also new version of  xsldbg has been released. at 
>  The new release requires the latest cvs 
> source for both libxml and libxslt .  libxslt must to be patched and 
> configured and reinstalled with the "--with-debugger=yes"  option enabled.  

  You're gonna be happy. I reviewed the patch and it was clean enough that
I included it in. First tests indicated that there was no noticeable speed
penalty to have the debugger included, so I made it the default option
a configure time. There is some warning coming out of your includes it
seems I will have to fix them a bit. I will also probably reshape the modules
in breakpoint/ a bit to look more like other pieces of the libxml/libxslt code.

> Daniel : Could I have a flag in xslt.h to indicate if debugging is enabled? I 
> currently do a grep on the libraries that xslt-config indicates libxslt 
> exports to tell if debugging is enabled.

  Yup, of course. I modified , just check for
WITH_XSLT_DEBUGGER being defined.

> Lastly I think that xmlGetLineNo can be improved, see attached diff for 
> debugXML.c (apply to libxml). This is not required but is recommended.

  I will check this later.


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