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On Tue, Nov 06, 2001 at 08:38:21AM +1100, Robert Collins wrote:
> On Mon, 2001-11-05 at 23:08, Daniel Veillard wrote:
> >  This part is in a conditional section, which get activated only
> > on my development enviromnent. Also even when compiled on Windows
> > the $(EXEEXT) is not used there.
> >  Is that just a pedantic suggestion, or is there something I missed ?
> Try compiling under cygwin or mingw - you'll find that the $(EXEEXT)
> should get used automatically. 
> If you are using autoconf 2.13, not 2.52, then you wont see this because
> AC_EXEEXT is not called automatically by 2.13, whereas 2.5+ does call
> AC_EXEEXT automatically.

  Check the part in question:


  This is a conditional section activated in

dnl In build tree I use a static version with memory debug enabled
dnl libtool 1.4 tries to use the shared lib and this won't work
dnl libtool is a 5000+ line of perl module and hence absolutely pure crap
dnl no surprise there.
if test "${LOGNAME}" = "veillard" -a "`pwd`" = "/u/veillard/XSLT" ; then
    LIBXML_LIBS="../../XML/.libs/libxml2.a -lz"

  this is not used outside of my devel environment. this hack has been required
because libtool is seriously bugged (and unfixable from my point of view).

  I still maintain this bug report makes little sense, and I would
prefer time being spent fixing the well known bugs in libtools than
annoying me with the fact that a small conditional section I wrote to
avoid it when compiling on my machine may not be portable to cygwin or
mingw. Also again IMHO automake is broken because it tries to make
this kind of check *before conditional section have been processed* .
Like if a C compiler were to emit errors because it detected C language
violations before the preprocessor is run.

  Once libtool is fixed to not transform "-L. -lxml2.a" to go and
fetch a .so library in /usr/lib when a libxml.a is a perfectly valid
library found in the build directory then I will simply remove that
conditional section, in the meantime the point is IMHO moot !



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