Re: [xslt] Proposed enhancement to transform.c / xsltApplyTemplates

On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 02:23:20PM -0800, William M. Brack wrote:
> The routine xsltApplyTemplates, in the 'for' loop near the end of
>the routine, changes the value of ctxt->node (which, of course, is
>correct and required).  Unfortunately, it does not bother to restore
>the original value before leaving the routine.  This (among many more

  Dohhhh, right, BUG !
Fixed and saved in CVS,

>serious consequences) caused the "docbook" test "article.xml" to miss
>it's Table of Contents.  When the variable is saved before the loop
>and restored after it, this test behaves "completely correctly" (note
>that this "correct" output is NOT the output expected by the "make test"
>procedure) (my current [assumed] correct behaviour is defined to be the
>output produced by the Saxon java xslt processor).

  Yep this seems to fix some missing href in the XML specification
formatting tests (in section A.2 Other References) too. The current
docbook results are here only to find regression changes, I didn't
assumed they were correct :-)


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