RE: [xslt] LibXSLT adding annoying whitespace

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> From: Daniel Veillard []
> What I can't understand is why you user agent renders:
> <html><body><img/><br/><a><img/></a></body></html>
> differently than
> <html><body>
> <img>
> <br>
> <a><img></a>
> </body></html>

IE is badly broken. I had this problem not so long ago. A table
formatted with a img in it, would mysteriously get a few pixels bigger,
if \n was encountered during the table content.
IE follow spec? Hah!


> If you can tell me more about why this is different I may try to get
> this fixed, but I really don't see why ! <br> has to be 
> formated on a separate
> block under the img and the anchor/img block has to be 
> formated on another
> one under the <br>, so I really don't see why and how the 2 
> extra lines
> can impact the rendering in any way.
> Daniel
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