[xslt] release of xsldbg-0.9.1

Hi all,

Finally I overcome the problems with my cvs. This release includes the fix to 
the show stopper plus several other bugs. It also has an more complete set of 
 Please note 
	1) You can either build GNOME style docs or KDE style docs at one time.
	2) The GNOME docs don't install themselves. I'd appreciate a reply to myself 
by someone who know how to fix this

You must have a libxslt version greater than 1.0.9 or a cvs checkout  whose
Changelog includes the following text

--------cut  ----------
 Tue Dec 11 15:27:15 CET 2001 Daniel Veillard <daniel@veillard.com>

	* libxslt/xsltutils.c: fixed a problem with the debuuger interface.

Dre: Please don't announce this yet on apps.kde.com. I'll do that once I've 
had positve feedback on this release. Thanks for the support with previous 


xsldbg : helping understand stylesheets

Released file :



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