Re: [xslt] Strange things with perfomance

On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 02:31:23PM +0300, Anton V. Boyarshinov wrote:
> Why parsing document in second case took so march time, what's wrong? I've

  Since you did not provide useful information to debug what may actually
happen, forget about getting a useful answer anyway I can just try to guess.
  Because xsltproc is a conformant XSLT processor and then uses
parses the DTD associated to the document if you have a DOCTYPE.
  Check that your doctype DTD is a local rference or that the DTD pointed
at is installed in a local catalog.

> heard that libxlst is twice faster then Sablotron, but Sablotron takes
> only 0.07 seconds for this translation.

  What do you expect with this kind of comments ? A rebuttal telling
you that it's very easy to have nearly infinite speedup for a non-conformant
processing ? I'm not impressed !


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