Re: [xslt] libxslt: xsl:include/import cache?

At 09:56 AM 12/4/01 +0100, Heiko Rupp wrote:
>Justin Fletcher wrote:
>>remote resource (particularly if it's not found in the catalog). If it is
>>a remote resource [1], then there's no necessity for it to remain constant -
>>conside a URI such as
>You could run a message digest function [1] over the fetched resource.
>If it is the same as the previous one for the same resource, then you
>can share the in-memory copy, else you allocate a new document.

Which would make it a valuable contribution to libxslt's functionality, as 
it could be implemented transparently.  But my question remains: before I 
even try to implement such functionality, _would_ it be possible for 
libxslt to share the in memory copy of those included stylesheets?

I believe such functionality would e.g. be very beneficial to AxKit, where 
there are similar issues (Matt?)...

Elizabeth Mattijsen

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