Re: [xslt] xslt 1.0.8 bug

On Sun, 2 Dec 2001 08:22:00 -0500, Daniel Veillard wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 02, 2001 at 12:15:03PM +0100, Ronald Wahl wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I just tried to compile libxslt-1.0.8 and noticed that it's not possible
>> to install it into a seperate build-root (like rpm does) if it's not
>> already installed in the system. Here the relevant output:
> [...]
>> libtool: install: error: relink `' with the above command before installing it
>> libtool: install: warning: remember to run `libtool --finish /usr/lib'
> [...]
>> The snapshot from today has this problem too (except the dependency on
>> libxsltbreakpoint). Would be nice if someone fix this in the next
>> release.

>   Upgrade your libtool/autoconf/automake to version similar to RedHat-7.2
> or later. This is needed for prelinking support.

redhat-7.2 uses some older versions of these tools:


The versions on my systems are the most current from GNU (and are
already in the Redhat Rawhide).

$ autoconf --version
autoconf (GNU Autoconf) 2.52

$ automake --version
automake (GNU automake) 1.5

$ libtool --version (GNU libtool) 1.4.2 (1.922.2.54 2001/09/11 03:33:37)

It seems that libxslt has a problem with newer versions of these
tools (at least with libtool). So it would be nice if someone would have
a look into it.

>   Or use the RPMs I provide

Since I have my own private distribution I want do build it by myself.


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