[xslt] Request for testing of libxslt-1.0.8 snapshot with xsldbg rel-0-8-4


I've run some tests on the libxslt snaphot   

Daniel wrote:
>> I have finished this. I didn't commited it in CVS but I built a test
>>    snapshot at :
>>      ftp://xmlsoft.org/test/libxslt-1.0.8.tar.gz

I needed to make some changes to xsldbg to suit this snapshot. These changes 
are in rel-0-8-4 of xsldbg's cvs. (I'll make a tar.gz later on) 

xsldbg passed without any problems. I'd like someone else to validate the 
tests to make sure that this is correct before Daniel commits to cvs. All I 
have in mind is for xsldbg to be compiled and  its automatic tests run (part 
of the compile process). I've added a 
to xsldbg's configure.in so you can safely install the libxslt snapshot in a 
convenient place and get xsldbg to find and use that version.

Please run indent on the libxslt/transform.c and libxslt/variables.c from the 
snapshot using the indent flags of :

-bad -bap -bbb -bli4 -br -ce -brs -cs -i4 -l75 -lc75 -nut -sbi4 -psl -saf -sai
 -saw -sbi4 -ss -sc -cdw -cli4 -npcs -nbc

And then apply the patch attached to this email  to libxslt before compiling 
libxslt, and then install the libxslt snapshot as normal. This is to ensure 
that all xsldbg's tests will pass if possible. Otherwise xsldbg will stop 
compiling at test2  and die due to errors found. 
To configure libxslt you must include at least
  --with-debugger  --prefix=<PATH_TO_INSTALL_SNAPSHOT>

Before compiling xsldbg be sure to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to where you installed 
the new libxslt.so.1 :


This will ensure you get the right version of libxslt.so.1 when xsldbg runs 
its tests. If you get errors maybe  you've forgotten to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH  

If we get a possitive report (please attach a copy of output of runing tests) 
then I'd recommend the diff be applied to libxslt and the changes be commited 
to libxslt's cvs. 

xsldbg is now structured to be only dependant on the changes made to 
libxslt/xsltutils.h and does not need ANY files from the old breakpoint API. 
(ie breakpoint/* in libxslt)

By the way the diff's are to take are of the double debugger entry to text 
nodes and missing the debugging of xslt:variable nodes. I mentioned these 
problems late November on this list but things have got a bit busy. 



Only in libxslt-1.0.8: COPYING
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki: Makefile.cvs
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: aclocal.m4
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/breakpoint: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: config.guess
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: config.h.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: config.sub
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: configure
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/doc: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: install-sh
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/libexslt: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/libexslt: exsltconfig.h
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/libxslt: Makefile.in
diff -cr libxslt-1.0.8/libxslt/transform.c libxslt-1.0.8_ki/libxslt/transform.c
*** libxslt-1.0.8/libxslt/transform.c	Sun Dec  2 22:26:38 2001
--- libxslt-1.0.8_ki/libxslt/transform.c	Sun Dec  2 22:11:20 2001
*** 1054,1059 ****
--- 1054,1060 ----
      int addCallResult = 0;
+     xmlNodePtr debugedNode = NULL;
      long start = 0;
*** 1074,1085 ****
!         if (templ)
              xslHandleDebugger(templ->elem, node, templ, ctxt);
!         else if (list)
              xslHandleDebugger(list, node, templ, ctxt);
!         else if (ctxt->inst)
              xslHandleDebugger(ctxt->inst, node, templ, ctxt);
--- 1075,1090 ----
!         if (templ) {
              xslHandleDebugger(templ->elem, node, templ, ctxt);
!             debugedNode = templ->elem;
!         } else if (list) {
              xslHandleDebugger(list, node, templ, ctxt);
!             debugedNode = list;
!         } else if (ctxt->inst) {
              xslHandleDebugger(ctxt->inst, node, templ, ctxt);
+             debugedNode = ctxt->inst;
+         }
*** 1146,1152 ****
              goto error;
!         if (xslDebugStatus != XSLT_DEBUG_NONE)
              xslHandleDebugger(cur, node, templ, ctxt);
--- 1151,1157 ----
              goto error;
!         if ((xslDebugStatus != XSLT_DEBUG_NONE) && (debugedNode != cur))
              xslHandleDebugger(cur, node, templ, ctxt);
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/libxslt: transform.c~
diff -cr libxslt-1.0.8/libxslt/variables.c libxslt-1.0.8_ki/libxslt/variables.c
*** libxslt-1.0.8/libxslt/variables.c	Sun Dec  2 22:26:38 2001
--- libxslt-1.0.8_ki/libxslt/variables.c	Sun Dec  2 22:11:53 2001
*** 431,436 ****
--- 431,442 ----
                       "Evaluating global variable %s\n", elem->name);
+     if ((xslDebugStatus != XSLT_DEBUG_NONE) &&
+         elem->comp && elem->comp->inst)
+         xslHandleDebugger(elem->comp->inst, NULL, NULL, ctxt);
+ #endif
      precomp = elem->comp;
      if (elem->select != NULL) {
          xmlXPathCompExprPtr comp = NULL;
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/libxslt: variables.c~
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/libxslt: xsltconfig.h
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: libxslt.spec
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: ltconfig
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: ltmain.sh
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: missing
Only in libxslt-1.0.8: mkinstalldirs
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki: stamp-h
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/REC: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/REC: stand*.stand.out
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/REC1: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/REC2: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/XSLTMark: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/common: Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/common: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/3.1.7: Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/3.1.7: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/4.0: Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/4.0: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/4.1.2: .memdump
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/4.1.2: Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/4.1.2: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd: Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/simple/ Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/simple/ Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/simple/ Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/simple/ Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/simple: Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/dtd/simple: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/html: Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/html: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/lib: Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/lib: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/result/html: Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/result/html: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/test: .memdump
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/test: Makefile
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docbook/test: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/docs: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/documents: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/exslt: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/exslt/common: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/exslt/functions: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/exslt/math: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/exslt/sets: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/exslt/strings: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/extensions: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/general: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/multiple: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/namespaces: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/namespaces: err.extra
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/namespaces: err.extra2
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/namespaces: err.tst
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/namespaces: err.tst2
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/namespaces: err.tst3
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/namespaces: extra.err
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/namespaces: extra2.err
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/namespaces: tst.err
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/namespaces: tst2.err
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/namespaces: tst3.err
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/numbers: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/reports: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/tests/xmlspec: Makefile.in
Only in libxslt-1.0.8_ki/tests/xmlspec: debug
Only in libxslt-1.0.8/xsltproc: Makefile.in

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