Re: rfc: macros/gnome-gettext.m4 change

On 1/22/02 12:29 PM, "ERDI Gergo" <cactus cactus rulez org> wrote:

> still looking for the place where this would get decided on -- please CC
> replies to cactus cactus rulez org

I think that if intltool defines this syntax, then it's up to intltool to
make sure it works for gettext.

What this comes down to for me is that Kenneth invented the
syntax, but hasn't implemented it yet.

intltool already uses the "patch the Makefile" approach to control how
things are done in the po directory, and the right way to do this would be
to add something to the intltool patch.

I don't think we should touch gnome-gettext.m4 at all.

    -- Darin

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