Re: removal of

tis 2002-01-15 klockan 11.00 skrev Sven Neumann:
> Hi,
> after a long time, I've updated gimp-plugin-template today and found this:
> 2001-11-09  Christian Rose  <menthos menthos com>
>         * sv.po: Added Swedish translation.
>         * Removed this file, it should be obsoleted by
>         intltool long ago.
> why are you doing this? Is intltool a requirement for translators nowadays?
> Last time I checked it didn't even pass it's own test suite and I found
> it to be pretty much unusable. I don't think you should force translators
> and package maintainers to install intltool if the package doesn't depend
> on it. The maintainer might have a reason not to depend on it.
> You don't need to add it again now. gimp-plugin-template is just a template
> module and I always wonder why people translate it. One translation as an
> example would have been enough.

Yes, I beleive you can consider intltool to be installed pretty much a
requirement for GNOME translators these days. Most GNOME modules use it.

You have to understand that intltool solves at least two important and
somewhat different problems, and was designed to do so:
1) It removes the need for an or in every module's
po directory. This was getting a problem, since bug fixes to these
scripts didn't propagate as needed and every module basically had it's
own, old, and broken version of these scripts...
2) With support added to the module software, it added support for
extraction and merging of translatable strings from many more file
formats than previously.

So while you have experienced the 2) part being buggy in the past (I
can't comment on that), the 1) part most certainly isn't. On the
contrary, since I beleive many bug fixes have be made to intltool-update
since the last update to any script was made. It certainly
obsoletes any module-specific


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