Re: intltoolize and gettext-versions

On 2/27/02 6:55 AM, "Stefan Kost" <kost imn htwk-leipzig de> wrote:

> intltoolize fails for me patching po/, because I am using
> gettext 0.11.
> I looked into the intltoolize perl script and noted that the script tries to
> identify
> the gettext version by checking for certain files.
> 1. it would be nice to have comments there to tell which version the test
> refers to.
> 2. what about this to identify the version :
> grep "gettext-.*\." po/ChangeLog | head -1 | sed -e 's/.*gettext-\(.*\)\./\1/'

The reason the current code doesn't check the version is that we were hoping
the patch might work for multiple versions of gettext. We don't want to
assume the patch won't work just because the gettext version number changed.

But I agree that comments to say which gettext versions the checks are
for would be an improvement, and we want a patch for gettext 0.11. Also,
we should have much better error messages for when the patch fails.

I put this bug report into bugzilla as bug 72854.

    -- Darin

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