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I'm currently converting the unstable GIMP branch to make use of
intltool. As soon as this is finished I want to encourage people to
start working on the translations again. One major things needs to be
done though and I would like to give you a chance to comment before I
do something completely wrong...

My plan is to convert the gimp_tips.txt to XML and to use intltool to
ease translation of this file. However I don't think that the tips
messages should be part of gimp's main message catalog, so I intend to
collect the tips messages in a separate message catalog that is solely
used to create po files. The translations are then merged back into
the gimp-tips.xml file. Would that be fine for the translators? Where
would you want the po files to live? In the tips directory next to the
gimp-tips.xml or should I add a po-tips directory? I'd prefer to keep
everything in the tips directory. Please speak up if you have strong
feelings against this...

Salut, Sven
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