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Has anyone implemented the xsltRegisterExtModuleElement function in Perl or
Python? It certainly hasn't for Perl. Is anyone going to do this because I have
a need to use it. I hope I'm not stepping on anyone's toes by volunteering to
extend the interface for elements. If it's OK for me to go ahead, I was
wondering if anyone might be able to clarify a few (dumb) questions for me:

1. The binding uses xsltRegisterExtModuleFunction instead of
xsltRegisterExtFunction. What is the difference btn the
module functions and the "simpler" functions?

2. The signature for xsltRegisterExtModuleElement  looks like this:

int         xsltRegisterExtModuleElement    (const xmlChar *name,
                                             const xmlChar *URI,
                                             xsltPreComputeFunction precomp,
                                             xsltTransformFunction transform);

Whats a PreCompute function? I could find it defined on the website? Is it
another registered function? Could I use the generic function that's already in
XS file?

The last argument - the transform - is presumably the one I want to do my work
with...could I create a function with the xsltTransformFunction signature and
pass that?

BTW, the XML::libXSLT module is now in CPAN.


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