[xml-bindings]Python and xsldbg

Hi all,

Just wondering, is it expected/hoped that the 
python binding be able to be 
used to extend libxslt creating new XPath 
functions that will become 
"built-in" to libxslt. Or is it going to be more 
general that that? With 
xsldbg I've taken the view that only a few, very 
able people, will be 
extending  libxslt so there is no/little demand 
for debugging XPath and 
"built-in" functions.

If it is expected that adding fuctions via python 
is going to be commonly 
used then I'd like some discussion about how/if 
it is possible to debug the 
"libxslt user" python code. I see in the python 
library that there is a 
module called "pdb" which can be used to debug 
python scripts.

I also see that there is a python wrapper to 
xsltproc. I guess it is possible that python 
bindings can be made for xsldbg (which is now 
mainly a library in xsldbg 1.0.3 and above). At 
first glance it seems possible to be able to run 
xsldbg under python control. Though I not sure 
about the details. 


Keith Isdale

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