Re: [xml-bindings] xmlCore (was: Let's start)

Hello Daniel,

inspirated by this:

>      of names and attributes in a similar way. For examples in the
>      current python bindings I have the following hierarchy:
>        xmlCore
>            xmlNode
>        xmlDoc

but maybe a bit off-topic:
did you ever think about having a separate structure containing all, and only,
the members common to all node types, and having these referenced in the node
struct declarations as a member ? Then it would be possible to specify
explicitly, for each API function, if it handles any node, or just a specific
node type.
IOW, it would mirror the role of "Node" defined by DOM.

I am aware that this would mean a lot of changes to the current API (thus
impossible ATM), however then it would a bit more intuitive... in fact, when I
started to learn the API, I was quite confused by the xmlNode struct; I did
believe that it is the common part, and that xmlElement is element node, etc. Of
course: because learning DOM spec preceded ;-)
I am sure I was not the only one thinking this way...


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