[xml-bindings]libxml and shared memory...

Hello all,

well I have been using libxml and its quite great. i
have some small problem.. I want to share the document
created by one process  with the other process. I am
using shared memory under linux for the same. However
it doest work.. and the reason which I think is that
since DOM data structure would be sort of link list
and hence the pointers where they might point wont
be in the shared memory area of process 1 and hence
process2 doesnt get hold of the same. However when i
tried the example with my structure having pointers I
faced the same problem but with normal datatypes it
works great. Now since libxml allocates memory for
ach node i dont have control over the same. So is
there any way where I can ask libxml to allocate
memory from the shared memory region only???.

I used xmlMemSetup() and provided my functions for
allocating memory.. but i getting "segmentation fault"
after few allocation.. my allocation method might be
wrong. has anyone done like this before?? I would be
thankful if anyone cud help me with some sample code..
for allocating,free, &  reallocating...



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