WM_TRANSIENT for required for group modal?


I just wanted to check if the behaviour I'm seeing is a bug in metacity
or me misinterpreting the spec.

What I'm trying to do is create an application modal window (i.e. modal
for all windows in a group). The spec says:

"_NET_WM_STATE_MODAL indicates that this is a modal dialog box. If the
WM_TRANSIENT_FOR hint is set to another toplevel window, the dialog is
modal for that window; if WM_TRANSIENT_FOR is not set or set to the root
window the dialog is modal for its window group."

However, metacity only behaves correctly when WM_TRANSIENT_FOR is set to
the root window, which (judging from the archives) is the old way of
doing things. Since this is a new implementation I'd prefer to do it the
"new" way (i.e. don't set WM_TRANSIENT_FOR at all).

I found some modality bugs in GNOME's bugzilla, but nothing that seemed
to cover this problem.


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