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On Fri, 28 Apr 2006 10:07:11 -0500 Sasha Vasko <sasha aftercode net> babbled:

> Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> > On Wed, 26 Apr 2006 16:53:33 -0500 Sasha Vasko <sasha aftercode net>
> > babbled:
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> >>Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
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> >>>On Tue, 25 Apr 2006 12:17:35 -0500 Sasha Vasko <sasha aftercode net>
> >>>babbled: correct. now the problem. (semantically). xterm asks for
> >>>100x25-0-0. gravity is SE. it changes font size to a larger font. ok. fair
> >>>enough. NOW user moves xterm to top-left of screen. xterm starts using an
> >>>even bigger font. what now? the gravity is SE even though technically that
> >>>was only a useful gravity at map time. one the window moved from the SE
> >>>corner... it wasn't such a hot idea anymore to now make the window resize
> >>>up and to the left. it's highly problematic even for the wm if it wishes to
> >>>obey the gravity hints and even calculate its own new x & y - does it obey
> >>>the window gravity hints, or does it go "well - they don't apply anymore" -
> >>>and what can clients expect such behavior to be... ?
> >>>
> >>
> >>It was user who explicitely requested SE gravity. So if user moves
> >>window into different corner he/she still expects window to follow it.
> >>If it goes off screen after resize - that's what user requested. If you
> >>want to empower user - add functionality to window manager to allow
> >>changing gravity for any open window.
> > 
> > 
> > well they requested the window to star in the bottom-left of the screen, but
> > now they moved the window, they have no way to change that request.
> > implicitly i would say their desire now is to have it have NW gravity -
> > BUT, there is no facility to change that explicitly for the user, and as
> > best i last read - the wm shouldn't be freely changing how it interprets
> > gravity (though in this case that would be very useful). the problem here
> > is that the app may do things bases on Se gravity with respect to its own
> > window contents. but now the wm may have switched to NW gravity.
> How could possibly an app use its win_gravity for its contents ? The one
> and only purpose it serves is top-level window position, and as I say -
> an app has no business messing with that.

it SET is gravity assuming then its "origin" (i use that loosely) is the
bottom-right. so for example if i have an image in an image viewer. with NW
gravity and if i don't scale the image to fit, it is in the top-left with blank
space as the window resizes to the right and bottom. now if your gravity is SE
- you would want the inverse of the behavior inside the app window reflecting
its "intended" gravity on the screen. well this is one scenario.


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