Re: over-MUSTiness in the spec

Dan Winship <danw novell com> writes:

> In a bunch of places, the spec says things like:
> > If a Pager wants to switch to another virtual desktop, it MUST send
> > a _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP client message to the root window:
> The use of "MUST" here places severe and unnecessary restrictions on the
> sorts of extra-EWMH behavior a Pager can implement.

The use of MUST means 'other applications, including but not limited
to the window manager, can rely on pagers sending a
_NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP message when they wish to switch virtual
desktop'. If you remove that, then the spec becomes less useful.

If you want a private protocol, just do a private protocol. Trying to
claim EWMH compliance for it doesn't make any sense, since private
protocols _by definition_ are out of scope for EWMH.


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