Re: USPosition vs. PPosition with Virtual viewports

Lubos Lunak wrote:


With possible atoms :

I don't understand what you actually mean with these hints. My idea was basically a hint saying "you stupid app I'm a sane WM, don't try your USPosition tricks on me that you need only for some BorkenWM-0.1". I.e. if we now go to toolkit authors and ask them to remove all the UPosition abuse (which I've already tried for Qt) they'll refuse with "but we need that for CrapWM". With a hint they could check whether they need it. The same way with a hint set by apps the WM could be less paranoid about those apps.


A property _NET_PLACEMENT will be set on root by a window manager indicating what placement flags it actually takes into consideration and how.

If say such property contains _NET_PPOSITION_RESPECTED, then clients should know that they can use PPosition to achieve their goals. If _NET_USPOSITION_IS_DESKTOP_RELATIVE is set - and apps abuse USPosition by restoring some saved position from last run - they should at least adjust it by the current viewport. _NET_USPOSITION_RESPECTED is probably excessive, just stuck it in there for the sake of completeness.


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