Giles Atkinson wrote:


What is the semantic difference between setting _NET_WM_STATE_MINIMIZED and
setting the ICCCM property WM_STATE to IconicState?  If there is none,
this does not look like a good idea.

There is none.
In fact it may be informative to consult this thread in ML archives :

for a background on _NET_WM_STATE_HIDDED vs. _MINIMIZED

Also, is there any semantic difference between "minimised" and "iconic"?
The former looks like poor terminology for X as the window size is unchanged.
I believe MS Windows really does shrink windows as well as hiding them when
they are "minimised".  Occasionally the resulting runt windows are visible.

In X, Iconic means that application should animate its icon window, instead of its main window. You cannot simply shrink main window in Iconic state. You actually have to unmap it ( including all its parents if any ). ICCCM provides very detailed description as to how Iconic state should be tracked using Map/Unmap messages and WM_STATE property. The only reason _HIDDEN was introduced is to help distinguish between unmaps that happen when virtual desktop is switched, and iconification unmaps.

Now its concievable that someone will want to introduce yet another state where main window is simply resized to be smaller ( similar to shaded state ) In that case such window manager is free to introduce new _NET_WM_STATE atoms to identify it, but I don't think it should be made part of the spec. After all that's why we went with atoms, and not bitflags, so that window managers can introduce whatever wicked states they want, without disrupting everyone else.




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