Re: moving a window to all desktops

> On Tuesday 24 of February 2004 15:54, Matthias Clasen wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > reading of the EWMH again after some time,  I notice that we document
> > #xFFFFFFFF as special
> > value of _NET_WM_DESKTOP to indicate "on all desktops", but this value
> is
> > not documented as
> > possible value in the _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP client message. Should it ?
>  No, I'm afraid making all desktops current would cause some trouble :).
>  In case you actually didn't want to say _NET_CURRENT_DESKTOP but 
> _NET_WM_DESKTOP, then it already says that in my reading (but if you
> really 
> think it needs to be said explicitly, I don't mind).

No, as I said, it is specified for _NET_WM_DESKTOP, which means that it is
possible to
map a window and have it appear on all desktops. But it is not possible to
map it initially
on desk 1, say, and then make it appear on all desktops (well, you could
withdraw and 
map again), since _NET_WM_CURRENT_DESKTOP only allows to move to an
individual desktop,
not to the special value #FFFFFFFF. 

Does this make my question clearer ? Should there be a way to make a mapped
window appear
on all desktops by sending a client message ?

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